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Cannibal Island Ghosts (2015) with Qi Qi
Cannibal Island Ghosts (2015) with Qi Qi


original Chinese title SHI REN DAO GUI [Cannibal Island Ghosts]
director: Li Kai
starring: Lau Qi [Qi Qi] · Kai Di · Du Xudong · Xie Bo · Mu Di · Yang Di · Chen Yuan-Yuan


In a remote part of the East China Sea, a desolate island is bombarded with meteors carrying a strange virus that seems to have infected the isolated tribes, turning them into 'zombies' (lethargic soulless people). A group of five young explorers, led by Kaidi and Qingyun, go to the island to investigate for he Discovery Channel. They immediately discover something is NOT right there. The island appears to be completely deserted now but they find a chasm filled with piles of bones. Especially disturbing is the vegetation, legions of vines are creeping and multiplying before their eyes. Then comes the appearance of 'mysterious people' which ignites a sudden wave of fear and the resulting bloody chaos.
This is a big-budget adventure horror movie from mainland China that manages to skirt the censorship issues usually associated with supernatural stories (the Ministry of Civil Affairs forbids any film with 'Feudalistic Ideology' including "Spirit possession, witchcraft, etc.") by pushing the blame to scientific cause-and-effect.


A Chinese film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; widescreen format, uncut, 81 minutes),

DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras include original theatrical trailer.



Graphic Violence/SemiNudity/Sexual Situations
recommended for Mature Audiences

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